MIT Group

I lead the Mathematics for Industry and Technology group since I joined ShanghaiTech.


MIT group has openings for all levels of motivated and passionate researchers, including

  • postdocs
  • graduate students
  • research assistants
  • visiting students
  • undergraduate students
If interested, please send me your CV, transcripts, and other supporting documents.



Group Members

Currently, MIT group has 8 graduate students (alphabetical order of family name)

  • Yu Chen,推荐免试,BSc of Soochow University(苏州大学)
  • Jianguo Huang,推荐免试,BSc of North China Electric Power University(华北电力大学)
  • Bin Li,推荐免试,BSc of Hunan University(湖南大学)
  • Zixuan Liu,推荐免试,BSc of ShanghaiTech University(上海科技大学)
  • Facheng Luo,推荐免试,BSc of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics(南京航空航天大学)
  • Yuhuang Meng,推荐免试,BSc of North China Electric Power University (华北电力大学)
  • Yikai Wang,统考,BSc of Dalian University of Technology(大连理工大学)
  • Jiankui Zhou,统考,BSc of Huazhong Agricultural University(华中农业大学)

Contact Information

Tel: +86 21 2068 4460


Address: 393 Middle Huaxia Road, Shanghai, China.

Office: SIST 2-402E