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PhD Project: Fast Algorithms for Structured Matrix Computations and their Applications to Wind Farm Control

Supervisors: Dr. Ir. Martin B. van Gijzen, and Dr. Ir. Jan-Willem van Wingerden

Promotors: Prof. Dr. Ir. Cornelis (Kees) Vuik, and Prof. Dr. Ir. Michel Verhaegen

Funded by: Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO) Veni grant #11930 "Reconfigurable floating wind farms"

This project aims to develop fast algorithms for structured matrices, specifically for multilevel sequentiallt semiseparable (MSSS) (multilevel quasiseparable) matrices and apply these methodologies to preconditioning large systems arising from PDE-constrained optimization (optimal control of partial differential equations (PDEs)). These PDEs are mainly used to describe the incompressible flow for the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) problems. PDE-constrained optimization and CFD problems yield a large linear system of the saddle-point type to solve. We aim to design a novel preconditioning technique based on structured matrix computations to numerically solve such systems efficiently (linear computational complexity).

These methods can be further applied to optimize the total power extracted from the wind by the wind farm.

MSc Project: Modeling of Wind Turbines of the Integration Type and their Networked Control

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Qiuye Sun, and Prof. Dr. Huaguang Zhang

Funded by: National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) grant #50977008/E070401 "Global dynamic optimization and the principle of energy saving for smart grid"

This research aims to model the wind turbines from the perspective of wind power grid integration. For the control and optimization purpose of the grid integration, the hybrid model of the wind turbines that contains the aerodynamics, electromagnetics are derived. Based on the model obtained, networked control strategy is implemented to improve the performance of the wind turbines for the wind power grid integration. The electrical grid stability issue is also addressed by taking the dynamics of the wind power into account.

A copy of the MSc thesis (in Chinese) can be downloaded via link.